Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting Excited to Run to the Hills!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it's been forever since I've posted. As soon as someone out there wants to pay me quit my busy busy busy job so I can run all day and write about it, I'll promise to post more!

Here's what I've been up to the past couple months:

1) Got really super crazy sick the two weeks before the Bull Run 50 so I had to skip that race. Missing two weeks straight of running felt like forever, but both Lizzy and Sam were also sick as dogs, so clearly whatever we all passed around to each other was nothing to mess with!

2) I haven't had the time to run my usual long runs (30-40 milers) every week while ramping up for 100+ mile training, but given my crazy work schedule this spring and my daddy duties (which I love, mind you), I'm actually quite happy with the miles I've been able to squeeze in.  Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays have all become routine double-run days, which I really enjoy. No huge mileage totals, but quality miles and definite fitness benefits have come out of this schedule. Also, Sammy and I have found a sweet hilly 10k loop that we do every weekend morning. I like it for the resistance training (he's getting heavier every day!) and he likes it because we pull over at a sweet playground about 4 miles in so he can get his 20 mins of cardio in as well.

3) I realize I'm not in top form for the Black Hills 100 at the end of the month, but I'm still super-excited to head out there. My brother in-law (and master crew chief) Jeff is flying up from Dallas to join me in the fun, so I'm psyched to have him out there to help get me home faster. I never mind running solo in races, but even the simple act of not needing to stop and refill my Camelbak at the aid stations will save me 30+ mins over the course of the race. I'll happily take that time off the end when the hours are wee and the legs leadened!

I've been familiarizing myself with the BH100 course description, etc. over the past couple days, and have learned some great info about the area which we'll have the pleasure of exploring before/during the race: The race itself runs almost 100% on the Centennial Trail which was first explored during Custer's Army Expedition of 1874, and the gold mining history of the Deadwood and Lead areas are legendary (see: the amazing HBO series). I'm really looking forward to taking in as much of both areas as I can while out there (cuz really, when am I going to get back to South Dakota?!).

I also found this video from the 2011 race that I thought was worthy of passing on. The course and scenery look great, but really, the best part is the hail storm at the end. I mean really, is there a better way to run a 100 miles than while being pelted by giant hail? I can't wait!