Friday, December 28, 2007

Creative Giving
Do you need a new pair of shoes? Sneakers, loafers, heels, sandals, whatever? Of course you do. If you're like me, you need a new pair just about every month - I have so many of those little desiccant packets piled up in my apartment I could completely sandbag the Potomac's flow if I wanted...

...but enough about me, back to you and your needs - Do you also like to give to charity without actually giving away any of your money? (insert you nodding in agreement here).

Well then, have I got a deal for you. Follow any link on my site to and 17% of what you spend on that site will be sent to me and donated directly to Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Since I don't have any companies stepping up to help sponsor the Run 192 cause yet, I used a little creative thinking to arrange for this deal. Basically they pay a 17% sales commission to anyone who puts their logo/link on their blog. You just need to follow the link to their site from my blog for the credit to go to the Run 192 cause. It's that simple.

The additional good news is, is a fantastic site. I buy 90% of my running shoes from them already...they have so many great brands, and with no tax or shipping fees, it's almost impossible to find a better deal. Also, about once a month they offer a 20% off sale (I'll let everyone know when they come up), and when you combine that with all the other discounts on the site, you're paying waaaaay below store prices.

You runners out there should check out the deals on the Brooks, Asics, and Sauconys. I'll be sure to alert everyone when the 20% off sale for January kicks in (probably on MLK Jr. weekend), and you'll get yourself a killer deal while also giving to Cancer Research!!


Agent Em said...

it leaves me a little cold that where you list your races, you have to list the starting date. Because it's not the same as the ending date. That is scary.

I'm just going to try for a 10k here... but run on! Happy New Year!


Dan Rose said...

To be fair, I *hope* to finish the Umstead 100 miler the same day I start. An 18 hour finishing time will do the trick. So there.