Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UltraCentric 24 Hour - Photos

Just got a few pix back from the UltraCentric 24 Hour Fun-Fest...Sure it was cold and windy, but the sky was definitely blue!!

Super-Crew members Paul, Spencer, and Jeff strike a pose (the 4th team member Anne was manning the camera).

Here I am (in red) climbing up one of the hills on the course early in the day

If you look closely, you'll see me spelling out the 'C' in 'YMCA' as the speakers up ahead blasted out the song

A little mid-race soccer fun for Paul and Anne w/ their grandson

I like this picture because it looks like I'm ahead of Scott Jurek and Elijah the Olympian (they're the front two in the pack)...sure, they were 3 laps up on me, but I don't have to tell my grandma that when I show her the pictures.

This is a good shot of the biggest hill on the course. How anyone could look at it and say "it's about 9.5 feet" is beyond me...and oh-by-the-way, it was only ONE of the hills on the course.

When the hours got small and real painful cold set in, Jeff and Paul never let up with their full-service crewing. They were amazing!

Paul is one of the toughest guys around: a Nebraska farmer and an Army think it was a little chilly out there?

Sweet sweet relief..the sun is coming up! Please note Paul gave me that sweatshirt right off his back a couple hours earlier when I was becoming a Dan-sicle.

I'd say it never felt so good to be done, but to be honest it still hurt really really bad! It was a rough night out there, but I'm so grateful for my awesome crew who kept me going. ...and hey, I didn't lose any limbs to frostbite, so there's a silver lining to this trip after all!


Jamie Donaldson said...

Those were some HILLS! What a crazy race, but you came out stronger for it! Enjoy some rest!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

My brother in law was racing there also. Do you happen to know if there are any "official" race pictures. We stopped by late Saturday afternoon to cheer Scot on and my kids held up a sign. A photographer took a picture of myself and my youngest son.

Your pictures are really good. And, you are right about the hills!

Dan Rose said...

There were TWO photographers out there, so I'm guessing there will be plenty of photos posted on *some* website. Given that the race is about a week old now and the results aren't even posted yet, I'm guessing the main ultracentric site isn't the place to look for updates or links.

Keep doing a google search for the next couple of days...I know the photographers have the motivation to sell their pix, so they should be posted on their own site(s) very soon.

Chris Carver said...

Hi Dan

Only recently come accross your blog but I must say that I've been drawn back a number of times because of your fundraising efforts in relation to cancer.

I can relate to this because I also had cancer back in the early 1990s [one testicle removed ... six months chemo ... part of right lung removed]. I too then raised lots of money through running.

I obviously recovered well and I'm now an ultra runner and about five weeks ago ran over 141 miles in a 24 hr race in London.

I too would be mighty pissed off with the organiser of the Ultra Centric race for misleading the runners regarding the hilly nature of the course. I know Tony Mangan isn't too happy either. Has the US team been picked yet for the world cup in Italy next May ? It's possible I'll be in the UK team but over here we have the ridiculous situation where the governing body doesn't appear to want to send teams to ultra distance events and we have to 'fight for our rights'. Maybe see you there.

Oh yes ... sorry it's such a long comment but I couldn't find your email address.

Dan Rose said...

Hey Chris!

Thanks for the note - You're one inspirational dude!! Great job with the 141 miles too - very impressive!! I think I can reach that level on a flat course...and maybe on a warmer day than we all had in Texas too!

As for the U.S. Team, you have to run 135 miles to qualify, but right now only 1 person has done it this year. We have until Jan 1 to qualify, so the Across the Years event will be the last chance to make it. Assuming 5 others don't run 135 to automatically make it, they'll just pick the rest of the 6-man team from next-best performances and merit. I'm guessing the team in Italy will look a lot like the one from Korea last month. With only my lame 120 to my name, I'll be stuck home following online like everyone else. It's a bummer, but there's always next year!

Keep up the good fight out there, and drop me a line any time!

Anonymous said...

Great run!
What shoe did you use for the 24h race?



Dan Rose said...

Good question Johan. I debated about whether to wear a light racing shoe (Brooks ST Racer) or a more cushioned trainer (Brooks Glycerin 6)...

I chose to wear the Glycerins, and they felt great the whole time. I didn't even think about my feet once during the 24 hours. I had back-up pairs ready, but never changed into them.

The surprising fact about my choice was I already had 302 miles on those Glycerins before the race started, and I didn't notice the cushioning break down at all during the race. Talk about a great pair of shoes!

*I should note that Brooks doesn't pay me or give me free shoes. I buy all of my own stuff.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi again Dan,

Still haven't found any professional photos from the UltraCentric. Have you heard or seen anything? Would love to buy the picture of my kids and our sign they held up for their Uncle.

Dan Rose said...

The Photos are now online!! Hope you find a good one!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Thanks Dan. I found 8 photos of Scot in that batch. None of my son holding the sign. Guess it either didn't make the cut - or possibly another photographer was there?

Thanks for helping me out!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Dan- thanks for the post on my site about the picture of my younger son. That is him!! Too bad the photographer is charged and arm and a leg for the photos.

Thanks for everything! The links to the photos and your correspondance. I wish you lots of great races in the future!

Anonymous said...

I found the 2008 photo's of UltraCentric at