Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

With all the buzz right now surrounding the NCAA Basketball tournament, I feel the need to experience my own version of March-ing Madness this weekend as I head to the Bull Run course for long runs on both Saturday and Sunday. In an oddly beneficial turn of events, my injured leg still flairs up when I run too far on roads at this point, but it feels great on the trails no matter the distance. What a great excuse to head to Bull Run as much as possible!

My first visit to the Bull Run course was last weekend, and even though the rain made the trail a sloppy mess (thank god for Drymax, by the way), I absolutely fell in love with the course. Sure, I only covered the first 10 miles or so, but the mix of hills, rocks/roots, smooth sections, and historical landmarks along the course made me completely forget the cold and rainy weather. I really wish I had the chance to get in better shape for this race, as this is the kind of course that I think I could really shred when properly trained. C'est la vie - I'll just consider this year's race as research for a faster future attack and enjoy the day at more of a relaxed pace this time around.

With things slowly warming up now that Spring has arrived (today's the first official day!), the famous fields of bluebells should be popping up along the Bull Run trail soon. Here's a shot of a runner enjoying the sea of blue during last year's race. I'm excited to have a couple pictures of myself on the course next month - Since my parents will be coming down to see the race, I'll be sure to put them to work with the camera! Speaking of cameras, since I won't be trying to set any speed goals in this race, I very well might take the lead from some other ultra-bloggers and carry along my own camera for action shots during the race. I'll try running with one in my fuel belt this weekend and see how it feels. I think it would make for a pretty cool Race Report posting if I took more of a photo-journalistic approach!

Hope everyone enjoys the first weekend of Spring, and I wish everyone luck with their NCAA Brackets and Pools (for entertainment purposes only, of course)!!

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