Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good for a Laugh

Two of my true passions in life are ultra-running and stand-up comedy. Everyone knows about the miles I run, but not many know I've spent a huge amount of time over the years going to comedy clubs and watching/listening to just about every stand-up routine I can find on the internet/TV. Sure, there are TONS of horrible comedians out there, but when I find a good one, I feel like I just found a great new running trail in the mountains - "How did I not know about this all along? I need to tell everyone about it!!"

Anyway, back in the mid-nineties I saw the Sklar Brothers' (fraternal twins from St. Louis) for the first time on some random TV was only about a 5 minute routine, but I was hooked right away. Over the years they've been honing their brand of 'twin delivery' to the highest degree of perfection. Lucky for me (and you!), they've recently be hired by Brooks Running to put together some running ads as the "Running Superfans". Here's the clip they did for 'Ultra-Running'...if you like their style of comedy, there are 7 or 8 more clips that will queue up at the bottom of the window...also, you can head over to their site, Running Superfans, for more clips and other stuff. Enjoy!


AnthonyP said...

Now that's funny !

Staci said...

The best one was the first, at night. It looked AWFULLY familiar. I definitely was laughing outloud. Trivia: these boys played conjoined twins that the whole slew of hot docs on grey's anatomy had to separate. Thats how I recognized them. Yikes.

Runner Tammy said...

Hillarious! This video is classic!

I have played this skit over and over and it just doesn't get old.

Then I think to myself, is that a documentary of me at Umstead??

That "115 miles to go" is priceless!