Friday, October 9, 2009

More Photos from National Championship

In between his 3 million other duties, Crew Chief Jeff found the time to take a ton of photos during the NorthCoast24 last are a few to help show the various stages of the race (and how cool the venue was!), Enjoy!

Pre-race photo...let's see how long that smile lasts on my face.

Finding a nice easy groove early on. ...and if you're wondering what high-end fancy shirt I'm running in, it's an $8.99 Target special.

Did someone say this field was a little stacked? Here's Scott Jurek and Serge Arbona cruising around in the morning. Jenny (Scott's crew) is in the Brooks Jacket while Lizzy looks on in a pink hoodie, which I can only assume is another $8.99 Target special. We're big fans.

Jeff kept me perfectly in time with split updates on every lap. You can see the Tent City view of the Cleveland skyline here.

Speaking of Tent City, here's Lizzy posing in front of the last section if it. Quite a cool place to run through during the day/night. Someone's crew was always there to give you a smile or clap as you passed through.

Still smiling early on, must be when I realized the sun was coming out and we might not get drenched like everyone was predicting.

Jurek leading the way as we practice for the World 24 Hour Conga Line Championships.

Lizzy shows off the view of the skyline from the middle of the park...

...then hops right back to business to hand me a full bottle as I passed through.

It wasn't all work for her though...she got to frolic with me along the lake for a couple seconds here. She's not much interested in running, but as far as frolicking goes, she's world class.

Jeff and Lizzy perfect the art of the self-shot w/ Cleveland in the background. Please note neither of them are from Boston, but they both wore their Red Sox caps all day - Talk about full support for this Boston boy!

It was too early to hallucinate, but I still think this lady is actually a ghost that walked straight out of the lake and stood in that random spot as the sun went down.

As the sun (and lots of the other runners) started to fade, I started picking up the pace.

Sharing a moment w/ Women's 3rd place finisher, Team USA member, and expert curler, Deb Horn

My love for running at night really helped me reel in the leaders as I kept flying when the hours got small.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

As the sun came back up I put the glasses back on and did my best to not be embarrassed by wearing tights in public.

Hey look, even though I've just realized there are two guys right on my heels for 2nd and 3rd place, I'm still smiling!

...and yes, the smile can't be wiped off my face at the Award Ceremony as RD Dan Horvath announces my 139.28 miles and 3rd place finish!


Ric Munoz said...

Wonderful photos, Dan -- what a treat, especially for those of us who weren't there! I really hope they hold the race again next year! You didn't mention anything about the midge attack that Dan Horvath warned might arise on race weekend -- did the midges stay away?

Dan Rose said...

Ric, as far as I know, there wasn't a single midge on the course. It was pretty windy and cold enough that bugs like midges weren't coming likely to come out and play. We definitely lucked out in that regard. I was ready with my red outlaw 'Danny the Kid' face bandana though......that would have made for a great photo!

Oh, and I just decided to run Umstead as a tune up for Worlds, so I'll look forward to running with you down in NC next March!

Ric Munoz said...

Hey, that's GREAT news, Dan -- I'll look forward to running the first eighth of the first mile in your slipstream! If I'm lucky, you'll lap me only once or twice! I'm sure Blake Norwood is thrilled to have you in the Umstead field, elite division, natch -- 2010 will be as good a year as any for you to improve on your 3rd place from 2008! :-)

Chris Roman said...

The second picture and the night time focus picture both = focus. Focusing early and late and staying with the program. Such congrats your way!!!!!

Jamie Donaldson said...

Dan...Looks like Lizzy and David will be battling it out for Crew Chief of the Year Award! After every race I feel so fortunate to have such amazing support! Can't wait to meet her :)!

Amelia said...

I like how you're representing for Brandeis athletics at the race awards ceremony! Especially since it's so rare for our dear alma mater to get publicity in the context of major achievements in sports.