Friday, January 15, 2010

All is Quiet on the Eastern Front

Normally I like to post something once a week, but I'll be completely honest, there's not much going on right now to talk about!  My training has been ramping up and going very "shhh, don't wake the injury gods" well. I'm already getting excited for my first race of the year on February 13 in Florida. My return to the Iron Horse 100 as a runner and not a volunteer like last year will be a great early-season test to see how well I can hold an even pace. Ideally I'd like to run even 8 hour splits since the goal isn't to run the fastest 100 I can, rather to keep myself locked in to a 24 Hour pace plan I can execute perfectly in France. I'm also planning on seeing how well the New Balance 100s hold up over 100 miles....but I'm getting ahead of myself. I've still got 4 weeks of training before race day. A bit of a bummer to still have so long to wait, but at least the forecast for my 40 miler tomorrow looks like 50 degrees and clear. Talk about a sweet mid-January gift from Mother Nature!

Hope the "heat wave" hits everyone this weekend (although not those running the super-tough H.U.R.T. 100 in Hawaii...they're probably hoping for a nice chill in the rain forest out there!).


TonyP said...

Can't wait to follow you at Iron Horse. Do you plan on Utterli updates?

Dan Rose said...

Hey Tony,

You bet I'll be hauling the cell phone w/ me down there...not sure of the coverage along the whole course (it's pretty remote), but I was able to make a call last year from the Start/Finish area, so I should be able to phone in every 25 miles like I did at Viaduct.

Any chance you'll be able to update us from Brazil in a couple weeks?! I'm guessing your phone has a 0% chance of working along that course, but I know there will be a bunch of us back stateside wishing we had updates. Best of luck to you down there...not many have knocked off two of the 135 mile Adventure Corps'll be in some elite company. Good luck!!!

Amelia said...

I am so excited for your Iron Horse too! We live vicariously through your athletic adventures and triumphs out here and this quiet time is not nearly as exciting. Glad to hear the training is going well. I did two laps around Central Park today (12 miles) in preparation for my half marathon next weekend. Think it'll be over 17 degrees this year?

Chris Roman said...

Looking forward to it though I will likely be watching your backend. Remote for sure, lots of creatures stir in those wood late at night. Rock it Tony P, looking forward to the race report :)
FYI to anyone who might be interested: Charlie Engle will be in town for the Gate River Run 3/13staying at casa Roman (gonna plan some cool stuff)!