Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Secret Weapons for France!

With our flight for Paris taking off in just 10 days (!!!), I'm putting the final touches on all my race gear for the World Championships. I've put in a bunch of training miles wearing all the Team USA uniform combinations the past few weeks, and with a few scissor snips here and there, I feel confident I'll be able to go the distance wearing the official gear. ...and I'm super-excited right now as the final piece of my running gear just arrived on my doorstep this morning. custom-made secret weapons!

I can't wait to go for a spin in these puppies after work today!

It's good that they came today too, since yesterday the "official" predictions for my bet with Jamie Donaldson were sealed in their envelopes. The rules are we have to try and predict the other's total miles run, and after the race, the closest guess (over or under) wins. The exact details of what the winner gets are still being worked out, but I'm just happy Jamie didn't know about these secret weapon sneakers of mine before making her prediction. These things have to add 30 or 40 miles to my total, right?!!

I conjunction with Jamie's current post, I'll open things up for everyone to predict my total miles here. I'll have to think of  a nice prize to give the person who get closest to my actual total. It'll probably be something unique from the race in a program or the timing mat or whatever I can steal from the course and smuggle back through customs. Whatever it is, I'll be sure to make it cool, so guess away!!


UltraBrad said...

At the risk of going first and someone guessing an immediate over/under, I guess 144.92 miles with a 100 mile split of 15:04

{Staci} said...

I don't even know how to begin guessing, so I am just going to say good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Those ARE some sweet shoes (I'm a Brooks guy myself but I can appreciate some good lookin footwear).

I'm gonna guess 152.88 miles (the .88 is totally arbitrary and my lucky number).

nmp said...


Those are some nice shoes - Bon Voyage!

TonyP said...

Sweet shoes!

Best of luck!

Amelia said...

I think just having those shoes on would psych me up for a race better than any motivational talk. I'll predict you run 148.00. I'd like my prize in the form of ice cream, however, if I do happen to win. :-) I am willing to travel to DC to make this happen.

Jenny said...


And I'd like my prize in the form of cookies. Or Chipotle.

Chris Roman said...

Sweet shoes, 150.1 and a perfect race :)

Jeff B. said...
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Mike Bailey said...

"Prediction?.....Pain!" -Mr.T

Stanley said...

Is it "Price is Right" rules, where it's closest without going over? I bet a dollar!


I'm thinking Danno's gunna put it in overdrive for sure to show up the rest of the world.


And good gravy, I'm a geek. I immediately thought "Cool...all prime numbers!"