Friday, July 30, 2010

Already So Many to Thank for Their Kindness & Generosity!

With my 273-mile Vermont Long Trail run still 3+ weeks away, I must say I'm already overwhelmed by all the support I've received in advance. First off, I need to thank the generous corporate donations made by Turning Mill Consultants, Pine State Trading Co., and Poland Spring Water. These fine companies (and hopefully a couple more!) really stepped up in tough economic times to donate to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and I couldn't be more grateful!

I'm also happy to report the good will is already flowing up there in the woods of Vermont too! When two of the places my parents are sleeping at along the way found out why they were coming, they decided to comp their fees so they they could be donated to DFCI instead!
Thank you Jay Village Inn, and Brewster River Campground!

 Fun Fact:  This year is also the 100th anniversary of the Long Trail!  I couldn't be more humbled for this opportunity to run in the footsteps of the hard-working and visionary men and women who first carved out this National Treasure a century ago!

The good news doesn't stop there either! So many of you kind readers have already clicked on the link on the right-hand side of this page to donate from your own pockets as well, and I haven't even started to earn it on out on the trail yet! Thank you all so much already! I know not everyone can give money to this cause, but there's an equally great way to help that's also free! Once the run starts, I'll be infinitely grateful to everyone who spreads the word about the run and directs their friends to this blog to follow along with my progress. Remember, I'm running on a Monday-Friday to keep you all entertained during an otherwise slow and boring week at your office!  I'll be posting every few hours whenever I can get a cell-phone signal to update everyone on my progress. It's going to be monumentally painful and beyond challenging for me to try and break this speed record, and every positive comment or $10 donation I see when checking the blog along the way will be the fuel that keeps me going. I'm excited to get it started right now, but three more weeks of hard work remain, so it's back to the training trails for me!!


{Staci} said...

The new blog looks awesome! Good luck Danno, can't wait to read updates.

nmp said...

Great that you have such good support!

Look forward to following along in a few weeks.

Chris Roman said...

My pleasure to help you my friend, good luck and keep us posted :)