Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Video Update - Day #2



Anonymous said...

Exhilarating to hear from Dan an see those gorgeous sites! Stay strong, Dan-- you look good and are so tough.

PT said...

Run your plan Big Guy. Avoid those pot holes. Looking Good! Go Dan!

Three Cheers for the Crew!

PT and AT

Stanley said...

The part that Dan left out is that he banged up his knee fighting a bear.

Go Danno Go go go!

Jamie Donaldson said...

You are one tough cookie Dan! We are thinking of you in CO!!!!!!

Amelia said...

Hi Dan and Dan's crew! I just logged on via a hotel computer. It has no sound, but from people's comments and the one post from the awesome crew, it sounds as if you've banged your knee but are carrying on and doing well? Joel and I are sending all our good luck vibes! We head out tomorrow am for a four day/three night hike, but I'll check in after that, assuming the bears don't get us. Keep it going! You are inspiring us from afar!