Monday, February 7, 2011

Hardrock Shmardrock...

Ok, so I didn't get into Hardrock yesterday. As it turned out, I had a 9.8% chance of being selected in the lottery, but as Lt. Frank Drebin would have said, there was really a 0% chance of that. With the surge of applicants this year, I knew my odds would be slim to grab one of the 140 entry slots, but I didn't realize that 39 of those spots would be guaranteed entry for 5-year veterans of the race. When I learned that fact prior to the lottery, it was easy to not even bother getting my hopes up for the drawing itself. Oh well. The bright side is now I can enjoy pacing many more miles at Badwater (which is held 2 days after Hardrock). I'll be a much more useful crew member for my buddy Chris without having to shuffle around on destroyed legs the whole time.

Even with the lottery loss, the weekend wasn't bad at all: I was able to enjoy another year of running my age on my birthday on Saturday. Well, "enjoy" might not be the best term for running 34 miles in rainy 37-degree weather, but I got it done, and that felt great. ...which isn't to say I didn't repeat the phrase "stupid tradition" a few dozen times when the rain and wind picked up. Also, I've decided I need to petition the government to have my birthday officially changed to June 5 from now on.

Another positive result from the HR100 lottery is I can now search all over for a new 100 miler to fill in my schedule between MMT in May and (hopefully) the Spartathlon in September. That's a pretty big gap with some great races to consider. One that caught my eye in particular is the Black Hills 100. They have a great website which tells you all you need to know about this first-year race, and I've always wanted to get up to that area of South Dakota to explore the Black Hills, Badlands, Deadwood, etc.. The problem I'm discovering, however, is that this appears to be one of those spots in the country that is pretty much impossible to travel to from DC. I'll have to work on exploring my options for this one to see if it can be done without having to take out a second mortgage.  If anyone out there has any suggestions for another race in the June-July-August window, please let me know. I'm looking for something fun to cruise in between the hard work of MMT and Greece. Thanks!


Dusty said...


Sorry about Hardrock!

Have you considered Swan Crest in Kalispell, Montana? Last year it was held the third week of July. Bighorn is in Sheridan, Wyoming in June. You couldn't ask for two more beautiful settings than Kalispell or Sheridan.

:) Dusty

Dan Rose said...

Thanks for the great suggestions, Dusty! I'm checking them out right now!

Dusty said...

Pictures! Bighorn:

Swan Crest:

:) Dusty

Ric Munoz said...

I'm sorry you missed out on the Hardrock lottery, Dan. But happy belated birthday and congrats on nailing your "years" mileage on the big day. (People born in February, as you know, are the coolest!)

In case you want to read about the Swan Crest race and view a big batch photos, I've provided the link below to Steve Ansell's race report. Beautiful scenery but some pretty gnarly course conditions (but I think you're okay with that, so it's definitely worth a look-see).

Dan Rose said...

Thanks, Ric! Loved Steve's report. Plenty of good pics between his and Dusty's. Love the avalanche section! I'll be watching the website to see what date they hold it on this year...timing is everything!

nmp said...

Since I had no luck either I'm probably going to Bighorn. I have heard really good things about it and it probably is not too hard to get to from DC

Dusty said...

Kalispell is a bigger airport and closer to the race. Sheridan is a tiny airport and I think probably expensive. You'd have to fly into Casper, rent a car and drive to get to Sheridan.

As far as the races go, Bighorn is "deluxe" with great, well stocked aid stations and lots of experience. SC100 is a different story. Much more rugged and less well supported. Not bad, just don't expect much of anything at the aid stations (including water) if you happen to be at the back of the pack. At SC100, water purification is a must!

Both are stunningly beautiful and awesome races despite all their differences!

Runner Tammy said...


Belated Happy Birthday!

I am so sorry about Hardrock.

You could do Leadville 100, "Tammy Style" with me (all 100 miles:-). We would have so much fun eating cupcakes, running, taking pictures, chatting away the miles.

I have heard great things about Bighorn. Another race that sounds fun and manageable for you would be Cascade Crest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Why don't you come to the West Coast during the summer? It will be beautiful; not too hot, and not humid! Here is a race close to Seattle on July 30th:


Chris Roman said...

Sorry bout' Hardrock although I guess it is good......or maybe realllly bad for me. Should hear early next week, you will be one of the first to know my friend :)

Dan Rose said...

Hey Sindy!

White River is definitely a must-do race at some point. Even if I don't have the leg speed to contend in a 50 miler like that, I'd still love to see the historic course while cruising the trails. I'll also get out to WA for the Cascade Crest 100 at some point too...just not sure if that will be in 2011 or not. Still time to mull over all my options (and win millions in Powerball so I can quit my job and travel freely)!

Dan Rose said...


Just remember to blame to course/weather for all the pain you'll be experiencing, not me! I'm just playing the small role of whip-cracker in this crazy race.

...and I say this in the most non-sadistic way: I can't wait!