Friday, September 20, 2013

Guaranteed Ego Boost

Hey lonely single guys, want to feel the rush of literally hundreds of women chasing after you?  Be like me last weekend and agree to be the Rabbit at an all-women's race!  Thanks to Tracy Dahl, RD of the annual VHTRC Women's Trail Half-Marathon, this was my morning last Saturday (Thanks to the great Aaron Schwartzbard for all the photos!):
Less than 4 minutes before the start, they told me I had to wear the Bunny hat too!
One second to go!

If you were to suggest that I gave myself a wee bit of a head start to ensure I wasn't caught in the first meter of the race, you may be 100% correct.

Sneaking a peek after the first hairpin turn...

Eeeek!! Here they come!!

It was all business from here on out: Full-on stride and anaerobic gasping. Thank you for nearly giving me a heart attack while I worked hard to stay in front, Super Speedy Ladies!

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