Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friday Night Madness!

Good thing I recovered so quickly from my last race...because I'm lacing up the kicks in just a couple days for my next one! I've been looking forward to running the Cheat Mountain Moonshine Madness 50 miler for quite some time, and it's finally here! I know some people don't like running alone in the dark, but I absolutely love it. ...and I think I'll love it even more in this race when I actually have fresh legs (as opposed to when you reach the night in a 100 miler and you already have 80 miles on your screaming lower limbs). It'll be nice to know I can at least *try* to out-run a West Virginia mountain lion if needed!

I'll bring along my cell phone and probably post a couple audio updates, but most likely those will be before the start and after I finish. I'm by no means trying to "race" this one, but my leg does feel really good, so I think I'll at least take the race a bit more seriously than I did the Viaduct 100 - No twenty minute aid station stops in this one! Another reason I probably won't post during the race is all of you will be sleeping during most of it anyway! I'll probably finish sometime between 5 a.m. -6 a.m., so a post after the finish should be enough to update everyone on the events of the race while you eat your bowl of Lucky Charms on Saturday morning.

I'm super-excited to hop in the XTerra Inn and head out to West VA and start the moonshine madness! ...I just need to figure out how to get ready for a Friday night start time...who the heck knows what/when/how to eat before something like this? At least I don't have to worry about setting my alarm to wake up in time!


shane said...

Have a good run, and be safe out there! Actually, when I read this, the only thing that really registered was, "Lucky Charms." Mmm.

AnthonyP said...

I totally admit I am one of "those" people who are afraid of running alone in the dark !

Can't wait for the audio updates. I've set up my own Utterli account and am getting ready to give it a go at a few of the upcoming events.

Chris Carver said...

Yes, I'm also one of those who don't like running alone in the dark along unlit roads and tracks.

Have a good run, it sure looks like the calf injury is behind you now. I suspect the main goal for you this year though is the National Championships so just make sure you don't re-injure yourself during the 50 miler.

Amelia said...

Good luck tonight! I have full confidence that you can conquer the rain and the mud.

Chris Roman said...

Good luck my man!