Saturday, August 8, 2009

Viaduct Trail 100 - Race Update!

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AnthonyP said...

You rock Dan. Finish strong !

Anonymous said...

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

Jamie Donaldson said...

Now it is the fun part! Sing along and enjoy the end!

Chris Roman said...

You got it now, rock through!

Runner Tammy said...


You are doing great!!!

I am sending you all sorts of positive vibes and thoughts.

You have this thing beat.

Way to go,

Nick said...

sounds like its going well and you sound pretty good for having run 75 miles!

Keep it up for the last 25.

shane said...

Now we're pacing YOU in spirit, Dan!*

* Oh yeah, I felt like you were pacing ME too at the end of my pacing duties!

Amelia said...

Hooray for the last 25!!! Good luck getting to your downhill stretch. I can't wait for the update at the finish. (from Amelia)