Monday, February 1, 2010

January in the Books...Bring on Some Races!

Yes it was surprisingly cold (and snowy!) here in DC during the past month, but that didn't stop me from starting 2010 in style with a solid month of training. Compared to last year, words can't describe how great it has been to run completely free from injury during this stretch (actually, yes they can: it's been friggin' sweet!). I forgot how running without injury really lets you push yourself and raise the bar in your training goals. I've run more sub-6 minute miles in the past month than I did all of last year. Running is so much more enjoyable than it was during all of those 10 min/mile rehab shuffles in 2009!

With a solid January under my belt, I'm more than looking forward to seeing where I stand on a fitness-level at the Iron Horse 100 in 11 days or so. I'd like to be able to hold even 8-hour splits and finish feeling strong. This year isn't about running fast 100 mile times, rather going beyond that and running strong through 150-272 miles. Smart pacing is the only way to achieve that, and I'll be sure to have my head 100% focused on the big picture in all my races this year.

I'm excited to have Hammer and Drymax in my corner this year (they are the best at what they do, after all), and the entire ultra-running community should be just as happy as me with the recent announcement that USA Track & Field is now financially backing the 100K and 24 Hour teams in their World Championship competitions!  This is such great news for ultra-running as it continues to grow and gain the respect and recognition we all know it deserves!


TonyP said...

Bring on the races! Cold for sure. It was about 8 degrees here this weekeend.

Chris Roman said...

All good news for sure, see you next Saturday :)