Monday, November 1, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

 So many reasons to be happy on this crisp fall morning here in DC...

1) It's November 1...That means I can officially start running again!

2) I actually cheated and went for my first run yesterday!

3) Since Lizzy and I moved into our new home during my running hiatus, I have so many new running routes to explore. My little jaunt yesterday took me over some hilly roads, a couple miles of paved bike path along a stream, some super-gnarly single track (that I spied off the side of the bike path and just had to explore!), an excellent 1/4 mile track for future speed work, and some slightly less gnarly single track that I enjoyed on the trip back home. I was like an excited puppy going around every corner thinking, "What's that over there? I wonder where this trail goes? Is that a squirrel? Oh, let's chase it!!".  It looks like I'll be strapping on the Garmin and exploring all these new routes for quite a while!

4) Not a lot of people know this, but I absolutely destroyed my back two weeks ago and could hardly walk for about 10 days or so (it was really really bad!). I was worried I wouldn't be able to run for quite a while, but it started loosening up over the past couple days, and when it felt pretty good after stretching it out yesterday, I decided to go on that little 6 mile run to test it out. I wasn't breaking any land-speed records or anything, but it felt so great to have it respond as positively it did. Back pain is the worst!

5) I'm someone who feeds off of the excitement and success of my friends in their running achievements, and the past couple weeks of PRs and CRs from my friends Tammy and Jamie have been so great to see! Amazing running, ladies!!  Also, I'll miss running the Mountain Masochist 50 this coming weekend, but I wish the best of luck to all my VHTRC friends and buddy Adam C. as he guns for one of those guaranteed WS100 spots. Good luck, everyone!!


Casseday said...


I'm glad that you're back in the saddle. It's an amazing feeling to get back to running after a hiatus. . . just like seeing an old friend.

Thanks for the well-wishes for Masochist. I'd like to think I'm capable of gunning for a WS slot, but I think it's highly unlikely. WS wouldn't happen next year anyway since I have plans to be on the AT at that time. Just a fun, fast run planned for the weekend.

Hope to see you soon man!

-- Adam

Dan Rose said...

Ahh, the AT...I'm jealous already!
...and don't kid yourself, you've got Top 2 speed at Masochist, regardless of your WS intentions. In fact, it would be super bad-ass if you earned the auto bid and then just said, "No Thanks!"

Have fun out there this weekend...I'm predicting a 7-flat for you!

Ric Munoz said...

Wonderful news, Dan -- what a bonus it is to have a new home AND a whole new set of running routes. Have a great time exploring them all, but make sure you take care of your back, too!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back in the Saddle - I think the break will pay huge dividends in 2011 - Its gonna be a fun year!

Michael Henze