Monday, April 4, 2011

Time to Run with the Bulls!

Ok, in my current "recuperating" condition, running with the actual "Bulls" in Pamplona wouldn't be such a good idea (on account of all the trampling and such). The good news is, I get to drag my out-of-shape butt down to a much more enjoyable place to run slowly this weekend at the Bull Run 50 miler! The blue bells are out in full-force on the course, and this annual marker of the arrival of spring has me quickly forgetting how disappointed I am at not being able to run the race at 100%.
Running through the sea of Blue Bells in 2009
Even though I won't be able to run at full speed (75% still feels like 100% as I slowly get my energy back), I'm looking forward to building some character and "gutting out a 50" as some solid mental training for the rest of my much-longer races this year. A little suffering goes a long way in this sport...and I mean that in a positive sense!

As far as the guys and gals who will be leading the way along this historic Civil War battlefield course, there will be some excellent talent for me to watch on the out-n-back sections: Matt Woods (100k National Team), Annette Bednosky (100k & 24 Hour National Team), Neal Gorman (Grand Slam record-holder), Adam Hill (always kills this race), Jack Pilla (VT 100 Champ), Aaron Schwartzbard (faaaaaaaaaasssssst!), and a bunch of other folks who can bust 7:30 on this course.

Sure, I'd much prefer to be up there mixing it up with this crowd, but my last couple weeks of running have firmly proven that my body is still recovering from what will be known for all-time as 'March Illness Madness'. I'm happy to be able to simply strap on the shoes Saturday morning and enjoy the fact that I can put all of that nonsense 50 miles further in the rearview mirror. I think I'll even run with my camera to add some fun to my Race Report next week as well. Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the return of Spring as much as I am!


Jason L. said...

I feel your pain. March was a bit underwhelming for myself as far as mileage goes...blah.

Runner Tammy said...

I know you will persevere and do GREAT!!! You are tough, strong and your 75% beats 99% of others 100% effort!!

I am so excited to see you twice on the course at the Marina Aid Station.

Dan Rose said...

Tammy - I'll need your expert aid station skills at Marina for sure. I'm thinking whatever ice you don't need for your knee I'll need in my Camelbak. Today's 80 degree run proved that I'm hilariously non-heat-trained after our winter here in DC! Despite my ice-stealing, I hope you heal up soon and get ready for an awesome WS100!!

Lantz, I think we both need to get our butts in gear quick or MMT is gonna hurt waaaay too much. We can't fake it on the course!

Amelia said...

Good luck this weekend!