Monday, November 21, 2011

Runnin' for Fun...What a Novel Concept!

It's been a month since the Cape Cod 100 miler, and I've held true to my word in taking a break from running. Honestly, with work and Baby Class and everything else, I'm not sure how I ever fit my daily training schedule in before this break! 

Even though I'm not running regularly, the good news is, when the stresses of work and life build up, I still have the healthy outlet of running to utilize when needed. Last Friday proved to be the perfect occasion to ditch work and head to the mountains for some fresh air and back-woods goodness. My buddy Andy was game to tag along as we headed out to run the southern portion of the MMT100 course (27 mile loop from Gap Creek #1 to Gap Creek #2). It was a ridiculously beautiful sunny day, and with temps in a running-perfect low 40s range, I couldn't have asked for a better way to lower the blood pressure!
Breathing through our tongues like dogs after the climb up Bird Knob!
With Thanksgiving week now upon us, I'm looking forward to tacking on 3 more lbs. to make it an even 10 in terms of my weight gain since the Spartathlon. Because of my intense training, I went into that race 4-5 pounds lighter than I'd ever been for an adult race, and even though it made running light and easy, I don't really enjoy being that skinny. I much prefer the "normal human" look...especially since I hear dads have to carry tons of stuff once their baby arrives. I should probably hit the weights soon!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

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Andy said...

Great day of running! Turns out I didn't go home sans rock...found a limestone pebble stuck in my shoe. Good reminder that the challenge of the rocks is one of perspective.