Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Umstead Photos

Just a few pictures from the Race Director at Umstead - Enjoy!

This is the race headquarters the day before the race (literally the Calm before the Storm), as runners and their crews arrived to check in.

At the Runners' Briefing the night before the race, Blake Norwood (Race Director, on right) handed out 'Yellow Jerseys' to returning champs Serge Arbona and Jaime Donaldson.

One of the guest speakers at the briefing was the Park Ranger who updated us on the weather and other woods-related issues such as stealing pic-a-nic baskets from bears in the park.

Here's Serge doing his best to stay dry (or at least out of wet clothing)...

...and here's me hot on his trail...note the 'flaming' gaiters I'm wearing to connote the "hotness" of my running.
Here's Jaime easing into her day...she really made it look effortless out there.

Me around mile 48 or so...still running fast enough to make the camera blurry...or maybe that was just the rain on the lens. From here on out, the rain drove away the we'll just skip to the finish photos of the Champs...
This is what it looks like when you win a 100 miler in the soup never tasted so good...Congrats Serge!
...and here's Jaime posing at the finish with RD Blake Norwood...she looks pretty good for just having broken her own course record by 35 minutes!

That's all from Umstead...since I'll have a crew with me for Massanutten, there will be plenty more pictures to share after that race. Hopefully none of which will feature rain-soaked runners.

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