Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week Training Log: 4/14 - 4/20

Back in the swing of things this week. It seems like we went from winter directly into summer weather here in DC during my week off from running. Saturday's long run was a slap in the face in terms of reminding me how much harder it is to run in 85 degree weather. My "easy" 20 miler seemed harder than all of my 40 mile training runs during the winter. To make matters worse, the first gel I squeezed at mile 6 exploded all over my shirt (there was a hole in the bottom)...this meant I had to run the last 14 miles in nasty hot weather with bunch of nasty sticky gel on me. Since I was wearing white, I got plenty of odd looks from others as they tried to figure out what that apple-cinnamon-colored mess smeared all over my front was. All around, just a fun Saturday afternoon on the Mt. Vernon Trail...

Gel issues aside, the week was a great success in terms of getting back into a training routine. The touch of tendonitis in my right achillies was a concern all week, especially w/ the heavier load of hill work on my schedule, but between stretching and icing and some NSAIDs, I kept the pain in check all week. With tomorrow's off-day, I think it should be as good as new when I hit the road next. With so little time between now and Massanutten, I consider this a big bullet dodged.

Week Log:
Monday - 6 Miles (Hains mini-loop) - Got off the plane from LA and shook out a week's worth of rust after my Umstead break.
Tuesday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Wednesday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Thursday - 4.3 miles - Treadmill Death March
Friday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Saturday - 20 miles - Mt. Vernon Trail
Sunday - 4.3 miles - Treadmill Death March

Week Total - 60.1 miles

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