Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week Training Log: 4/21 - 4/27

At first glance, my total mileage for this week might make you think that I took it easy, but I assure you that wasn't the case. Sensing the need to both amp up my climbing and lactate threshold workouts for Massanutten, I tortured myself with 4 Treadmill Death Marches in the last 5 days of the week (with the other workout being a 20 miler to "recover"). The goal of all the Death Marches was, as usual, to climb 4,000 feet in 1 hour or less. To accomplish this, I max out the incline at "15" for the duration and slowly increase the speed at which I run to reach the 4,000 foot goal at the end. I know if I push hard from the start there will be less of a mad sprint at the end to reach my goal in time....but of course, in an attempt to delay the pain as long as possible, I usually end up cruising along for the first 30 minutes before realizing I need to put the hammer down in a frantic race against the clock. Having completed 4 of these challenges this week (using a different strategy each time), I can firmly say that there is no fun way to pull off the Death March. I hate the Death March...Of course that's to be expected seeing that it isn't named the "Happy Sunshine Rainbow Lollypop Stroll".

Week Log:
Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - 8.5 Miles - Hains Point Loop
Wednesday - 4.3 Miles - Treadmill Death March
Thursday - 4.3 Miles - Treadmill Death March
Friday - 4.3 Miles - Treadmill Death March
Saturday - 20 Miles - Mt. Vernon Trail
Sunday - 4.3 Miles - Treadmill Death March

Total Miles: 45.7 Miles


Anonymous said...

This Lollypop Death March series sounds exceedingly unpleasant.

Maybe they would be more fun if you wore the flaming gaiters? Because those are fun.

Stace said...

after this baby comes out i am gonna try to do the treadmill death march (or a version of it) a few times in attempt to regain my body. i plan on eating a lollypop during it.

Dan Rose said...

I think I'll start wearing the flaming gaiters to work too. If nothing else, they'll make my printer-to-fax-machine split times look faster.

As for the post-baby plan, I think you should take the Lollypop Stroll to a whole new level: Push the baby in a stroller on treadmill at the same time. Sure, this plan will almost certainly end in disaster, but think of the sweet picture you'll be able to post in your blog after.

christian said...

How do you know how many feet you are climbing? is this reported by the treadmill (mine doesn't) or do you have a forumla of some sort?

thanks - great blog