Thursday, June 5, 2008

Heavy Mental

Two days away from the Old Dominion 100 miler, and I must say I'm getting excited. Even though I'm running this race in less-than-ideal shape, I am looking forward to some quality mental training in preparation for the Run 192. The forecast is for a brutally humid 97 degrees during the race, so the key for me will be to keep chugging those fluids and focus on a slow n' steady pace during the daylight hours. The race starts at 4am, so I'll probably knock out 30 or 40 miles before the thermometer starts to burst in the late morning. At that point, it'll be a death march for everyone. Hooray! Unfortunately there are no live web updates during this race, so I'll be sure to post a note when I get back on Sunday afternoon to let everyone know how the race went.

Two quick side notes about this blog:

1) If you haven't checked it out yet, in the lower right-hand corner of the page there's a little map of the world with red dots on it. If you click on this map, you can see a flag in every town where someone has visited this site in the past couple weeks. It's pretty cool to zoom in and out and check out where my hits are coming from and which posts they're linking to. Check it out and find yourself!

2) In just a few days we've already raised nearly $700 for the Run 192 campaign to fight cancer. THANK YOU! The best thing about this total is I haven't even started the major campaign yet to notify everyone about the fundraising site yet. Once that kicks off I know we'll make it past the goal of $2,000 in no time. Thank you!!!

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Stanley said...

Good luck this weekend Danno! Do NOT break a leg!