Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week Training Log: 6/16 - 6/22

I finally regained my legs and felt right again this week. I think the heat training I've added into my schedule (sitting in the sauna for 45 mins after each run) is starting to pay off. I'm not sure how hot it will be in MA during the 192, but I'm doing my best in training to be ready for the worst.

Quality sauna time aside, the highlight of the week occurred with 2 miles to go on Saturday's 40 miler. The sun/heat was doing its best to beat me down, and even though I had rationed my water to save a couple gulps over the last 2 miles, it wasn't an ideal situation - If you've ever tried to choke down the last bit of warm Perpetuem in a water bottle on hot day, you know what I'm talking about. If you're lucky enough to have avoided this situation yourself, just think of the scene in 'Anchorman' when Will Farrell drinks the carton of warm milk in the heat of the San Diego sun - it is a bad choice indeed. Anyway, just as I had resigned myself to a thirsty shuffle over the last two miles, I ran past a guy looking pretty down on his luck sitting under a bridge overpass. At his feet was a cardboard sign that read "Ice Cold Water - $1". "Just my luck", I thought, as I knew only had 50-cents left in my fuel belt. As I passed by, we had this conversation:

"Ice cold water, Sir?!"
"Sorry, not today..."
"Ok, but you sure look like you need it!"
"I do, but I've only got 50-cents."

Jumping up from his folding chair like a NASCAR pit-crew member, he popped open the cooler before I had a chance to run too far past and said "Get over here, I'll sell you one for 50 cents!". Now, I've heard about people hiking the Appalachian Trail crossing paths with 'Trail Angels' in the countryside who help out with the offer of a meal or shower for tired hikers, but on the capitalist streets of DC, I never would have expected this kind of brotherly love. This gentleman had clearly fallen on some hard times, but he put my well-being ahead of his own for that moment simply to help out his fellow man. Needless to say, I covered those last two miles in record time with his ice cold water and selfless inspiration coursing through my veins. ...and next time I run under that bridge I'll be dropping off a nice tip, that's for sure.

Week Training Log:

Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - 8.5 Miles (Hains Point Loop)
Wednesday - 8.5 Miles (Hains Point Loop)
Thursday - 8.5 Miles (Hains Point Loop)
Friday - 8.5 Miles (Hains Point Loop)
Saturday - 40 Miles (Mt. Vernon Trail+ )
Sunday - 8.5 Miles (Hains Point Loop)

Total Miles: 82.5


Stanley said...

Were you 100 percent sure that was water? This IS DC, man. You can get a LOT for 50 cents.

Dan Rose said...

Hmm...that might explain the euphoric feeling I experienced after drinking the "water". You make a good point here.