Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Run 192 Media Updates

Big news from two media fronts to report:

1) Boston Herald columnist Joe Fitzgerald has agreed to run a story (w/ photos!) in the July 30th edition of the paper (the day I start running). This should be extremely helpful in getting folks to access this blog, follow my progress, and hopefully donate a couple bucks to the the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute!

2) Speaking of following my progress, I just figured out a great way for everyone to check out my location at any given time on the internet. I'll post a link on this blog the week of the race. For anyone looking to meet up with me to run a few miles, this will be a HUGE help. The map you'll see will look just like this one (the pin on the map here shows me at work) - you can see how helpful this service will be during the run.

In addition to the GPS map, I'll have folks posting updates on the blog every couple of hours to give a little more insight on how the run (and my physical shape) is unfolding.

That's the big news of the day. Now I'm off to tackle my first huge peak weekend...I'll be racking up well over 100+ miles in the next 4 days. The final tally will be posted on Sunday night!


Staci said...

Good luck this week running, it's amazing your legs don't say to you "You're crazy, leave me alone." Thats great about the herald, I was definitely thinking the press ought to get involved somehow. I bet we could get you on TV, too...

Shan Riggs said...

Good luck Dan! I just completed a very similar challenge from Chicago to Indy. Perhaps my experience can help in your preparations:

Feel free to contact me: