Monday, September 1, 2008

Upcoming Story

This past weekend Elizabeth and I had the pleasure of speaking with ESPN reporter Alexa Pozniak who came all the way down to DC to interview us. Alexa is writing a story about 'Run 192' that will run on on Friday, Sept. 5 in conjunction with the "Stand up to Cancer" event that ABC, NBC, and CBS will all be running simultaneously that evening. Alexa is super nice to go through all this effort to write the story, and I'm beyond excited that the Run 192 message will be spread to such a huge group of readers on the web. Thank you, Alexa!!

In other news, after a nice and easy 40 mile warm-up week (I ran every other day with no long run), I am officially starting my training for the 24 Hour National Championships this week. The humidity was low tonight when I went out for my usual 8.5 mile loop, and it felt great to run fast and smooth for the first time in a month. I look forward to a couple months of more reasonable weather for training than what I dealt with all summer. I don't think there's a single runner out there who will argue that the fall is by far the best season for running.

One more note about the next couple months: An important area of focus during my training for this race will be preparing my mind to run in a circle over and over and over and over again for 24 hours. The 24 Hour race course is a 1 mile loop that, if everything works out, I'll run 135 times by the finish. While running the same loop 135 times might sound like complete torture, I'll be training all of my long runs not on any scenic or enjoyable trails, but on the boring and flat Hains Point 3 mile loop. After a dozen 40 and 50 mile training runs around that loop, I think I'll be in great shape to mentally handle the boredom of the big race. Either that or I'll check myself into a mental institution. Stay tuned to find out which prediction comes true!


Staci said...

very cool. can i say i know a famous person?

Dan Rose said...

If you ran into Justin Timberlake at the Olive Garden over the weekend, then yes, you can say you know someone famous.

If you're talking about me, I think a more accurate adjective would be 'ReallySkinnyGuyWhoLikesIceCream'...if that's actually a word.