Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Massanutten Lottery Update

I guess if I had to lose the lottery to get into Massanutten, this was the way to do it: Not only was I not picked to be among the 180 runners this year, I'm currently 99 people deep on the waiting list - OUCH!

This makes my decision to move on and look for other races VERY easy. We all know a couple dozen names will eventually come off that list and make it into the race, but not 99. I love this race, but its name sadly changes to 'MassaNot in 2009' for me this year. C'est la vie!

This means my eyes now focus on seeing if the Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer is a certified course. If so, I'll be heading there to try again for 135 miles and a spot on the National 24 Hour team for 2010. I'll have to dig around to find the contact info for that race and/or the National Team president to verify either way, so if anyone out there knows how to reach these people, I appreciate the help!

For now it's back to training for the only race officially on my schedule right now: the National Marathon. I had my first speed workout in *years* on Monday night, and while I'm sure I'll never get my 4:31/mile legs back, I was pleasantly surprised that I can still kick out mid-5s (for 6 miles, anyway!). Maybe my return to the marathon world won't be so bad after all...


Staci said...

Sorry you didn't win the lottery. I remember running a 6:30 mile in 8th grade, then I prompty barfed. I was the first girl in. Let's race.

Dan Rose said...

Other than the training and mental aspects of ultras, puking is the next biggest skill to have out there. It's so common that you don't even notice anything odd about seeing a runner throw up on the side of the trail and immediately shout in a relived tone, "Finally! Now I can start running again!"....sometimes that moment is even more enjoyable than reaching the finish line.

I think it's time you join us out there,'ve clearly got the talent!