Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Seneca Creek 50k Update

Since I don't have any photos or official results from the race to report yet, I'll wait a bit before posting my race report from today's Seneca Creek-Greenway 50k. That said, I can happily pass along the news that 350 of us had a beautiful day for running in sunny Maryland today, and the course (even with all the snow/mud) was such a blast!

Even though I don't have the wheels to hang w/ too many 50k studs in my old age, I was able to employ my usual 'start slow and hit the gas in the second half' strategy to finish 3rd in 4:25.  I never run 50Ks, but I realized today maybe I should since they're so much fun! It was great to run so hard in the second half knowing I only had 15 miles or so left ( need to save anything for mile 123 or something in a 50K!).

I'll be sure to get my race report up w/ some photos and official results as soon as they post them to the race site. Until then, I'll be happily enjoying the fact that I don't need to worry about any recovery time after such a "short" race...I really need to run more of these things!

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