Monday, March 1, 2010

Seneca Creek Greenway Trail the Rescue!

 OK, so maybe trying to run a race in the Massanutten Mountains didn't work out that well this past weekend. None of us came even remotely close to finishing the race. ...but did I learn anything from that failed experience? Of course not. Since I still need to cure my racing fever, I'm excited to toe the line at another local trail race this Saturday. The Seneca Creek Greenway 50K isn't too far from DC, so why not step up and take my chances with the trail conditions again this weekend? Of course, it won't exactly be PR-setting conditions there either, but certainly it can't be as bad as the nightmare snow/slop of the Reverse Ring, right?!!  Here's the latest update from the Seneca Creek RD, Ed Schultze ...sounds like my Drymax will come in handy once again!

"Feb 28, 2010: Tons of volunteers have been hard at work, opening sections of the trail, scouting, shoveling snow, and executing trail repairs. As of today the race is on. Expect slower times and wet feet. You will be running and hiking in the snow. We do not have much  capacity to transport runners who cannot finish to the finish area. Please understand that the trail will be pass-able but not necessarily totally run-able. This means snow, ice, ,mud and some run-able sections. It is getting better each day. We will try to update the website several more times before race day."

If nothing else, at least I'll be able to enjoy another adventure with 300+ of my newest running muddy-buddies!


Amelia said...

Well it looks as if registration is all full! There goes the idea of a last minute bandit bus ride down to D.C. I'll run something Saturday morning in honor of our general running team-iosity and get an update from you after your race. Enjoy the trails!

Dan Rose said...

You'll most definitely finish your run w/ cleaner/drier shoes than those of us "lucky" enough to get into this 50k, so it's not all bad news for you. Given the soaking my feet will get the whole way, this will be the biggest test for Drymax I've ever run!

Travis said...

Dan, I looked you up. You are an inspirational guy! Glad to have met you. I forgot to thank you for stopping to pick me up when I fell at the lake. Thanks,

Travis Warren