Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Has Sprung...with Surprises!

Every now and then things just work out for the best. A couple months back I had to withdraw from running the Umstead 100 this weekend in order to head out to San Francisco for my friend Amelia's wedding.  I was sorry to miss out on the Umstead fun, but I certainly wasn't going to miss out on the wedding, and the Philly 100 the week after looked like a fine replacement for me to practice my pacing for France.

Now that the Umstead/Wedding week has arrived, I couldn't be happier at how everything worked out. First off, without any need to conserve energy or taper for Umstead, I was able to log some long and amazingly enjoyable miles in the perfect spring weather we had here in DC over the weekend: 70s, no humidity, breezy...It was incredible!
I've racked up more miles on the Mt. Vernon Trail than George Washington himself, but never have they been as enjoyable as this past weekend!

On top of that, earlier in the week I found out that friends Jamie and David Donaldson will be coming out to run the Philly 100 too!  It'll be so fun to have such great company out there on the Schuylkill River!  As Hannibal from the A-Team says: "I love it when a plan comes together!"


TonyP said...

Will miss you at Umstead....but may swing by the Philly 100 if it works out.

Dan Rose said...

Good luck down there in NC, Tony. Sub-20 is gonna happen for you!!

Amelia said...

I still may swing by Philly too. I need David to teach me some tips on how to cheer properly during long races!

Dan Rose said...


David is hard-core...he's going to try for 100K himself...on basically no training! You should join him!

Amelia said...

"Underqualified" does not even begin to describe me. But how impressive are all the rest of you?!

Chris Roman said...

Enjoy both say hey to David and Jamie. Good luck this weekend Tony P :)