Friday, February 1, 2008

Run 192 Map!

It took forever to plug in all the turns, etc, but here's the semi-official 'Run 192' running route. Since this mapping program has limitations (as in, the running routes are restricted in length to perceived human limitations), I had to split the distance over two maps. Also, you'll notice the mileage on the 2nd day is a little short - there are some sections of this route that follow trails and not roads, so my guessing where the turns were on this program were exactly that - guesses. In reality, the turns for the course are marked very well with PMC Logo signs pointing you in the right direction the whole way. Excluding days of weather extremes (rain/heat), these estimates of time/distance covered should be fairly accurate.

NOTE: If the mile markers are blocking your view of the route, go to the "Route Marker" area above the map and click on "none".

First 24 Hours: Miles 1 - 110 (appx)

Second 24 Hours: Miles 110-192

I'll keep these links up on the right-hand side of this page for easy reference until the run begins. For those of you who will be in Massachusetts on July 30-August 1, take a look at the map and find a spot to come join me for some of it. Assuming I start at 10am on July 30, the estimated miles for running in the dark will be roughly between miles 60-100 the first night, and miles 150-180 the second night. Again, those are rough estimates - a lot can happen out there in 192 miles - but check out the map and find a spot to join me for a few miles, I'll really need the company!

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the map! I'm excited to find you along the way.