Friday, August 1, 2008

150 MILES and FAST!

Just woke up here in LA, and got some great news from the gang.
Danno was off and running about a hour and a half ago. Amelia right by his side.

He passed the monumental 150 miles just a few moments ago, and he's running fast and strong. Looks like he's averaging 5 miles per hour right now. What an amazing comeback and return to form!

At the Rt. 6 intersection in Brewster, MA, during one of their last support stops, the crew was set up at an intersection with a stop light. Boy did they get a lot of cheers and honks, because everyone was able to see them.

Here's Danno at 150:

Dan looks strong. The weather has been delightful so far this morning...overcast, cool, with low humidity. Dan will be entering the Cape Cod bike path which I hear will be quite a chunk of the last section of the course. Sounds like it means less tankers and buses will be zooming by.

I gotta get to work, but I wanted to say how amazed I am also at all you readers and supporters. If you look in the upper right corner of the blog, you'll see that we did indeed break $6,000 over night. Awesome! I can't wait to pass the news to Dan.

Thought of the morning: Don't let anyone tell you that Massachusetts is a small state.



Staci said...

No kidding, Chris. Our Dan is amazing out there. I wish I could have gone further with him last night. He truly is my hero. Thanks for doing so well with the blog!

Anonymous said...

Chris - It is so great to see that GPS spot once again move across the map! Staci's right, Dan is amazing! And, what wonderful support he's had from his crew. And kudos to his running mates Amelia, Staci, Erin, Steve! And, the spirit of it all, and Chris' communication of that spirit has us all glued to our screens! Thanks Dan & everyone!