Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Media Updates & Future Plans

Just a couple quick notes on a the Run 192 media coverage coming up:

Jessica Brady wrote a great article that ran in today's issue of Roll Call.

On Friday Elizabeth and I will be heading up to Boston to take part in the WEEI Radio-Telethon to benefit the Jimmy Fund/DFCI. I'll be on the air at 1pm (WEEI 850AM), and for those of you not in the Boston area, you can listen here.

After that we'll watch the Red Sox game at Fenway (Elizabeth's first!), and following the game I'll head back upstairs to be a part of the NESN Post Game show (no internet link on this one, so if you don't get NESN on TV, you're out of luck).

We'll head back home on Saturday and finally (!!!) get a day of rest on Sunday. We're both pretty wiped out from the last 2+ weeks of travel. I'll slowly start ramping up my training again over the last 2 weeks of August, but for the most part I'll keep things easy until September. My last race of the year will be the 24 Hour National Championships in Texas in November. I know there are a bunch of great fall races before then, but I'm really going to focus on this 24 Hour race to see if I can reach the magical 135 mile goal and make the National Team. It's a tall order for sure, but I'm going to give it all I've got in training to try and make it a reality.

After that race, I have no clue what I'll do. My 2-year ultra-running career was designed to get me through the Run 192 adventure, so now I'm sort of lost in terms of what the future holds. It'll be tough to let the Run 192 blog die after a year of posting and meeting so many great people, so maybe we'll just need to come up with a new name for the blog (Lord knows I'm not running that 192 mile course again, that's for sure).

I've learned a TON in the past two years of running, and thanks to the endless challenges of the ultra world, I've definitely regained my enthusiasm for running in general. Of course I need to keep that enthusiasm in check so I don't end up making Elizabeth a running-widow (and I don't continue to spend so much money on running shoes!). I do know I love the 100 mile distance, so maybe one or two races a year will be a reasonable plan...we'll see.

I also know I would LOVE to offer up my services as a pacer for anyone running a 100 miler themselves in the future. I'd also love to be part of a support crew as well. If anyone out there is in need of help in either of these areas, just let me know!

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Agent Em said...

Dan, Congratulations on your fundraising success and on the astounding, amazing, dumbstriking accomplishment of running 192 miles in a row. I was thinking of you often during your race and I'm so glad you came through it both happy and healthy!