Friday, August 1, 2008

Only 47 miles left for tomorrow!!

Just got off the phone with Danno. He's wisely calling it for today, after a very successful rebound. Once he got back on the road, he ran the whole day. Considering his physical and mental state this morning, I'd say that he blew us all away with his devotion to the cause. Quite an amazing man, Mr. Rose.

Check this out:

This is Staci, an old friend of Danno's. She drove all the way out from Newton, MA in the middle of the night to run some miles with Dan. That's cool in and of itself, but it's even cooler when you realize that she just had a baby in May! Tonight was her first night away from her baby. No worries, she got a babysitter! Staci, we all thank you for being such a good friend and supporting Dan in person when he needed it. You rock!

So Danno was really surprised how today went. (No kidding!) He's very much looking forward to getting off his feet. It's not that they're blistered or anything, it's just the pure asphalt impact. Very very painful. I'm sure it felt like he was running on glass for the last few miles. Who's he think he is, John McClane? By the way, remember those Drymax socks? Yeah, they ruled.

Danno knows how much his donations have increased over the last 48 hours and he is so incredibly happy that all of your have helped him achieve almost 3 TIMES his original goal. He asked me to specifically thank all of you in every way for your support. It means the world to him.

Psst...while he's sleeping, lets try to break $6,000 so it's exactly 3 times. Shhh.

Last pic of the night:

Dan's crewman/pop Steve ran the last few miles with Danno tonight. It's pretty dark out there, and I even tried to fix it in photoshop, but it still is fantastic!

Goodnight RUN 192 team. Danno, soak those feet! We have a big day of success tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Get some rest Dan and Team 192. You have earned it! Good luck in the a.m.

Brian & Mary said...

It's all you Dan! This is absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

How fun to see Steve running last night! Hope Dan has a great Friday!!

Anonymous said...

11:20 EST 8-1-08- looks like dan's on the move and is in brewster ma - about 32 miles from p-town. if he's running 6-8 minute miles that puts him into p-town around 4pm or so...

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Dan! Way to Go! Staci was so proud and delighted to run with you. Well done on a fantastic goal. Take a break! You deserve it! Jane Guthrie (Staci's MOM)