Friday, August 1, 2008

T W E N T Y!!!!

Twenty miles left, ladies and gentlemen! Dan's legs are still feeling great, but his feet are in less than desirable shape. I don't have any descriptions of them yet, but it's probably akin to taking a hammer and smashing all the bones in your feet to a pulp, then trying to run on them. I'll see how close this is to the truth, and get back to you. Meanwhile, it looks like Uncle Rich finished his segment with Dan!

I spoke to Uncle Rich himself, great guy...great character, and he said that he was happy to complete the entire 5 miles with Dan. "I'm not a runner or a jogger or anything, but it clearly gave me a whole new appreciation for what Dan is doing". It was really difficult for Uncle Rich, but when he finished he said it felt great.

Knowing how much pain Dan is in right now, I thought it would be appropriate here to remember exactly why he's doing this incredible run. It's to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute who saved his life many years ago. Raising this money for them is only a small gesture of the gratitude he feels toward them for the work that they do. I myself am indebted to them for giving me back my best friend.

So far, Dan's journey has been incredibly inspirational, and I know it has given hope to those patients and kids at the institute who wonder daily when they will be able to run free from cancer.

All of this, is for them.


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