Saturday, August 2, 2008

The morning after...

Once again it's Dan here, a little more rested and even more in awe of what all of YOU did for me while I was out there. The updates I received from Chris and Crew on the ever-rising donation total were a HUGE part of keeping me going out there. THANK YOU!!

Of course, the folks literally out there with me in the main Crew (My parents, Elizabeth, and Amelia) can't possibly be thanked enough. They stuck by me in the really rough times after I passed out, and they believed in me when I said I wanted to get back out there and keep fighting. This unwavering support was instrumental in my amazing (even to me) comeback yesterday at the end. I ran 43 of the final 47 miles (only walking the 4 to eat and digest some solid food) - and covered them all in just about 10 hours. When you consider I'd already covered 150 miles, that's pretty quick!

A big reason why I was able to rebound like that was the complete care my crew gave to me. One key example: Elizabeth woke me up a couple times during my crash/nap to force feed me the fuel I needed to repair and reload for the final push up the Cape. It was this kind of round-the-clock care that allowed me to run all the way into Provincetown.

One final wave of thanks here before I sign off and eat more food: THANK YOU to everyone who came out to meet me on the course to lend moral support and/or to run with me: Uncle Rich & Aunt Betsy, Erin (she ran 15 with me!), Jessee & Mike, Staci, Erich (who not only crewed overnight, and ran a section with me on the Cape, but literally saved me from serious medical problems by catching me when I passed out and collapsed), all the folks along the course like Marc and Farmer Tisbert...I know I'm forgetting people here, but I assure you my full race report in a couple days will include all of you!

...and now that I've read all of Chris's amazing posts and all of your great comments, I must reiterate how I'm forever indebted to you all for your support and friendship. It was a crazy dream of mine to run this distance in support of all my friends fighting cancer, and thanks to all of YOU, today it is a reality.

WE DID IT!!! WE DID IT!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!


Stanley said...

I'm still in awe of you Danno...

It was such a pleasure to blog to the world about your run.

It's been a LONG LONG time since I've been inspired like this, and I thank you for doing it.

AnthonyP said...

Many, many, many congrats ! Great job.

Karen said...

Dan, I'm thrilled to hear you are back in about a jog? I kid, I kid. Please thank Chris for me, his posts were the best part of the experience for me (and the handful of my friends who found your story through my Gmail account). He is a rock star. I can't wait to celebrate with you and Elizabeth very soon. CONGRATS! Karen

Betsy said...

Great Job Dan! You are amazing and an inspiration to all!
It is so wonderful that you raised so much $$$ for Dana Farber!
Congrats on your huge accomplishment!