Friday, August 1, 2008

S E V E N !!

Seven miles left to go....can you believe that's 185 miles done!?

Maybe it was the sun setting, but everyone's certainly got a warm glow. I could even sense it in Elizabeth's voice when she called me. She said that when he arrived at the support stop, he actually grinned. It filled her with joy that Dan was smiling again, after what has been a enormous struggle almost every step of the way. But now Dan can see the finish and he's really enjoying himself. He was joyful and bumping his fist in the air, just like the day he found out he was cancer free.

Amelia just finished her last segment and is going to let the champ run solo for the final miles. They are officially already in Provincetown, the city of the final stop. While running with Amelia, Danno said "you see that tower? We're coming for you!!" He was referring of course to the Pilgrim Monument, a symbol of the city of Provincetown.

Amelia said without a doubt, this is the fastest he's run today. Holy Roman Emperor that is fantastic!

There's no doubt now he's going to make it, folks. It should be happening any moment. Keep your browsers refreshed!


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