Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank you! (The first of many)

It's Dan here, back from P-town and ready to crash for the night. I can't thank everyone enough for all the donations and support along the way - I'm not sure I would have been able to come back from my black-out yesterday if I didn't have all of you! Thank you!!

Of course the biggest thanks go out to my best friend Chris for doing an amazing job updating you all along the way. I haven't read any of the posts yet, but I know they're all amazing since about a dozen random people who tracked me down on the course mentioned how great the updates were. So let's all give a HUGE thanks to my main man for his invaluable work!!! THANKS CHRIS!!!

Now I'm off to shower and sleep. My legs still feel good, but my feet are beyond crushed (though I should mention that I have NO BLISTERS thanks to the good people at Drymax - thanks guys!). I'll be traveling back home to DC on Sunday, so look for my big post with pix and a first-person race report on Monday.



Jeff Terry said...

Great job brother! What you just pulled off is absolutely incredible. I can barely process the distance...the fact that you ran it is nutty. You really are a Great American! Sleep Well!!!!


Jamie Donaldson said...

You are incredible Dan!
It was so much fun following you on your epic journey! You have inspired many people along the way! Unbelievable! No blister??? So cool!