Friday, August 1, 2008

T W E L V E!!!!

I love getting surprise calls from Danno! He sounds absolutely fantastic. I can sense the excitement in his voice that the finish is near. Today has been quite a day of efficiency for him, no dilly dallying at all. Businessman on the run! Only 12 more to go, champion!

This here is Dan arriving with his brother Erich, whom you may remember as the Night Crew savior that caught Danno when he passed out Wednesday night and took care of him. Erich did the last five miles with Danno, and Erich has never ran in his life. But he did it and loved it. He thought it was a very cool and special moment to share with his brother.

I asked Danno how his feet were doing. He said they're actually hurting less now, "probably because I've destroyed all the nerves in them...I got hamburger patties attached to my ankles." Yikes. I asked him how close my hammered bone pulp analogy was, and he said "You're close, just just forgot to add 'covered in kerosene and lit on fire'". Yep, I keep forgetting that he's running on asphalt. When I was a kid in New England I remember testing out the "fry an egg on the sidewalk" gag during the hot summers and it worked very very well.

He's on his third pair of shoes, and his third set of insoles. Still got the Drymax socks though! What kind of alien fibers are they made of!

Dan really want everyone to know that there's no doubt that when he hits the end of the run at Provincetown Inn,


Again he thanks you all for keeping the faith! Not too much farther to go!


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