Friday, August 1, 2008

Over 140 miles clear!

Energizer Danny keeps going...and going...and going. Every minute that I know he's still running, just overwhelms me. I've gotten several reports now, but have been away from the computer. Amelia came in with Danno to the 135 mark, over rollercoasters of hills and scary fireworks blowing up around them.

For the next five, Danno planned on running solo, as he wanted to focus and get into the zone. Similar to Neo at the end of the first Matrix movie. His feet were a bit tender, but manageable. But check out the Crew service!!!

The pic is from the 140 mark. This is a common and not common tradition for long distance runners. Basically, Elizabeth massages one of Danno's sore calves, while Mom Joanie performs reike on the other. Hold on, let me go look up what on earth reike is. Ah, ok. Well, you know what? It works. Once one calf is done, Mom and Elizabeth switch.

Tip of the night: Don't drink the bug spray!

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