Friday, August 1, 2008


Congratulations to Team RUN 192! What an incredible journey 3 day journey you've been on and you all should pat yourselves on the back for supporting our hero through his quest.

Danno was overjoyed to hear that when he took his last step, he had raised almost six and a half thousand dollars for Dana Farber. You readers and supporters out there really kept Dan fighting through the hardship and pain. He received every message you guys left along the way and it really kept him going. It meant everything to him.

He wants to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and for not giving up on him through the rough patches. This is indeed a sweet sweet victory both for Dan and for Dana Farber.

The donation page will remain up, if some of you wonderful people haven't, but would still like to give to this successful charitable event.

I'm sure Danno will be sleeping very shortly, but when he awakes he'll give you his personal account of this momentous journey.

On my behalf, I'd like to thank everyone for following along with me as I recounted this amazing story. Your encouraging feedback made it possible. It helps when every step Danno took was inspiring.


Faithfully submitted,
Chris Stanley


Anonymous said...

-Jenny G

Brian and Mary said...

UNBE-FREAKIN-LIEVABLE!! I don't know what to say except WOW! An incredible goal, a herculean effort, and an accomplishment for the ages. We are incredibly proud of you Dan, and the tremendous love and support of your team who had your back every step of the way. And a big shout out to Chris, the man at the keyboard who kept us all in the loop. Thanks for letting us be a part of your accomplishmnet and feel the pride of your success.