Friday, August 1, 2008

Media Update: Good Morning America??!!

More on this as it develops, but I've just been informed by the RUN 192 crew that an ABC News producer has been in touch with them, and they've been inspired by Dan's journey so much that they are interested in doing a story on him for "Good Morning America" to air on Monday. I'm hearing that they may even follow him to the 24 Hour National Championship in McKinney, Texas in November for a full interview! How cool is that!

This is all thanks to you readers and supporters out there for making RUN 192 a viral event. Send this blog to all your friends and family! We can make it even bigger!

Dan's getting closer and closer to the finish! If any of you have been waiting to donate, now is the time to give those extra 5s, 20s, and 100s. Crack open those digital wallets! Let's try to get the biggest donation amount we can get before he completes THE 192, so we can surprise him with the final tally!


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