Thursday, July 31, 2008

62 Miles left to go!

He's feelin' fine!

After warming up a bit, Danno ran the last five miles to the support stop with no problem at all. It's getting dark in New England, so he and Amelia have already donned their headlights.

Man alive! Did he get cybernetic implants while he was resting!? This is great news, so far. Check back in a couple of hours, as it looks as though he'll be running well into the night.

The crew is set up at the next support stop which is wonderfully coincidental and accurate, considering the circumstances. They're in the parking lot of a beautiful picturesque chapel called "Our Lady of Hope".

Elizabeth and I were also doing some advanced calculus in our heads, and by the time Danno hits this church, his distance will be equivalent to a quintuple marathon! Yes. 5 of them. 5 times 26.22 miles is 131.1. Danno hits 135 next.

There are some, myself included, that think ONE marathon is a feat of human endurance.

Pheidippides, the greek messenger, would be proud.


Anonymous said...

From what Steve has always told us - your preparation and resolve will always carry you to what ever you choose to under take. - Best wishes Andy and Mo

SaulWizz said...

Keep going, Dan - you are DA MAN!

Brian & Mary said...

This just gets more inspirational by the second! Be strong, and stay safe Dan & team 192

Jon Terry said...

We're proud of you, Dan. Stay strong and healthy.