Friday, August 1, 2008

Spotlight on Amelia!

While the entire Run 192 Crew deserves a gold medal for their constant 24 hour support of our superhero Danno, I thought I'd take a minute and shine the light on darling Amelia. You'll notice in the majority of the pictures of Dan from the run, Amelia is just a few steps behind him. So I thought I'd share the above picture of Dan and Amelia where they are significantly less sweaty. The pic is from Dan and Elizabeth's wedding just a few months ago where Amelia served as the bridesmaid.

I spoke to her after Dan finished 160 miles. For her she just finished running 15 miles straight. Remember folks, she's not a superhuman runner like Danno. She said "That was the most I've ever ran in straight in my life! I'm the sweatiest person on the Cape right now! I'm gunna try to shower with some baby wipes..."

In total she's run 43 miles alongside Dan. Can you believe that? She has certainly not had the training Dan has, and I am beyond impressed with her. She's a wonderful and devoted friend. She said it's much easier to run with Dan because he sets a perfectly steady pace. That's cool.

So, the last few miles have been a bit smelly, as it's apparently trash day in New England, hehe. When they were on the bike path, it was a much different because it was a on a conservation, so they were treated to a beautiful marshland.

Danno had his lunch of almonds and a mojo bar and he was flying away immediately. He's running really strong and steady, and is on pace to make history!

Conversation between Dan and Amelia while running...

Amelia: We're about to hit 160 miles!

Dan: I don't want to think about it like that anymore. It should be a countdown!

Amelia: Ok, then we have 32 miles left...

Dan: Hmmm, after 2 more stages, I only have a marathon left to run!

Wow. We're almost there folks!


Jenny said...

Amelia deserves huge kudos for her unparalleled running support.

43 miles. Whew. She's a champ, too!

jaime said...

Very proud of you Dan, I am thinking of you! You are amazing.

judy said...

The DeWitts from Colorado have been watching and cheering you on, Dan. We're in awe!