Thursday, July 31, 2008

120, but not a good night

Hey guys,
Just woke up here in LA, but definitely have some news to pass on from the overnight. Just got off the phone with Danno.

As the sun was coming up, and Dan was hitting the 120 mile marker, he felt overwhelmingly tired. He felt the best thing for him would be to take a 10 minute nap in his brother Erich's car. Eric was Night Crew and he certainly had a surprise in store.

When the alarm woke him up after 10 minutes, Dan went to the back of the car and simply passed out. Luckily Erich was there to catch him. He put Dan back in his car, and when he regained consciousness, he was nauseous and really sweating hard. Luckily, Erich's house was right nearby their location so he took him there, carried him to his bed, and Danno basically collapsed.

He woke up just about 20 minutes ago, and is determined to keep going. "I'm not gunna give up", he said. So he's moving now, starting where he left off . It'll be slow for a bit, until he's feeling closer to normal. He already feels a thousand times better than last night. He's not sure what it was, could be a couple of Aleves too close together, who knows. He's got new socks and sneakers on and his feet feel completely different and wonderful. They used to be excruciating.

So it'll be touch and go for a bit today, while he gets his stride.

Wow. I'm speechless.

I'll keep you guys updated, and we'll make sure he stays healthy. Right now, it looks like he's passed the sickness.

He's already a hero.


Anonymous said...

That must have been a serious scare... but we're so glad he's feeling better! Go Dan!

Joshua said...

I know that Dan will not quit and that he will finish this challenge. However, I hope that he can accept finishing without serious injury over a time goal and allow himself the rest and recovery when he needs it.

Nobody can fault him for that.

Agent Em said...

Dan, stay safe out there as the day heats up. I am already amazed at how far you've gone!

Anonymous said...

go dan!!

Anonymous said...

Dan's health is my #1 concern. I hope his family is monitoring him closely. I pray that things will be OK

Anonymous said...

with my wife battling cancer at the moment, i thank dan for battling the elements. rock on brother. from the angryslacker