Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Greetings fine followers of this very special blog,
Our superhero, Mr. Dan Rose, is sound asleep in his hotel room in Sturbridge, MA, leave his best bud 3,000 miles away with the keys to his blog. How do I know this? Well...i've been tracking him for hours and he hasn't moved.

My name is Chris Stanley, and since I have two first names, you can call me any derivation of the two. I'll be the digital eye-in-the-sky, the Big Brother of the run. I'll be tracking Danno's gps positioning and checking in with all the members of the "192 Crew".

My hope is to bring you updated details on this historic run on an hourly basis, complete with on the trail reports, and milestone accomplishments. Interviews? Sure! Pictures? Maybe! Insider information? No Doubt! Check this:

I know for a fact that Danno had a Chicken Salad and 3 or 4 slices of whole grain bread for his pre-run dinner tonight. "Nothing too fancy", he said. It's a pretty established tradition of his before a long race or an incredible run. This surprised me a bit, as I figured he'd be carb-loading on Fettuccine alfredo and Miller Genuine Draft. Then again, I'm about as healthy as a can of condensed milk, so what do I know?

Dan has spent the last couple of days, with his new bride, driving the 192 mile trail to better acquaint himself with what will lie ahead and update his maps. Which is exhausting and considerable, even in an automobile. Our boy is going to have a fun few days!

I urge all you readers out there to support Danno and this magnificent cause. You can donate to his cause all throughout his run by clicking his link in the upper right corner of the blog. While he's out there burning up the trails, let's surprise him when he logs back in sometime on Friday and sees a wonderful increase in his donations!

If you're in Mass and you want to cheer him on in person, keep the site bookmarked and check back as often as you can. You should be able to pinpoint his exact location and/or arrival. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy my virtual description of his journey. I'll do my best to provide the most complete coverage for you guys. Good Luck Danno! Run Strong!

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Anonymous said...

CH - I'm so glad you're our emissary of information for this historic event.