Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just woke up here in LA, but there is already tons to report on. First, here's the first image from the run, taken just moments ago:

From an excited phone call from Dan's lovely wife Elizabeth, I can tell you two amazing things already. The first is that Danno decided to start early this morning and began running at 4:45AM EST(more than an hour earlier than planned). Not sure that's an official start time for Run 192, because there's an interesting development. The team discovered yesterday that the actual official PMC course has changed slightly this year and only amounted to 190 miles. So Dan thought he would run the extra 2 before the course run begins in order to keep his promise. In Elizabeth's words though, "This morning he decided that 192 was no longer as cool as running a full 200". Wow.

So there you have it folks, We're just about 6 hours into the run. He's just passed his first planned stop, which i think is around the 30 mile mark....but it's more considering the extra 10 that Dan has already run before starting!

Don't forget to stop by the donation page and see if there's a few dollars you can add to help Dan's charitable mission. We'll keep him updated on the rising numbers throughout the next 48 hours.
It's gunna be a long couple of days for our superhero...
Next update in a bit,

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