Wednesday, July 30, 2008

80 Miles and a Run Buddy

80 Miles and still running strong! Danno briefly stopped at the hometown support stop, and quickly set off running again...this time with a partner in tow. Cousin Erin has joined the run!

(File foto...not from current run)

Erin is expected to run with Dan for at least the next 15 miles or so, which should be pretty rough. The sun is setting fast in Mass, and Dan and Erin have their headlights strapped on. Live pics might be difficult until the morning, but we'll keep the updates flowing!

The A Crew is taking a break right now. The B Crew of Uncle Rich and Aunt Betsy have taken over for a few stops. Thanks for your help guys!

We've raised quite a bit of money since Run 192 kicked off this morning. Let's set a new goal, readers! By morning let's try to break $5,000 in donations! Tell all your friends and family! We're almost at the halfway point! Let's keep him energized throughout the night!

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