Monday, July 14, 2008

Week Training Log: 7/7 - 7/13

As the clock counting down on the right-hand side of this page reflects, we're getting close to showtime for the Run 192! This past weekend marked the last long run I'll cover in my training, so all that's left now is two weeks of tapering. The hard work is done, now it's time to rest up and get my body/mind ready for a hefty beat-down. After running the last couple weeks in Brooks Glycerins, I've decided it's a worthwhile move to wear them right from the start in Sturbridge. Sure, they weigh a couple more ounces than other shoe options, but the extra cushioning they provide makes that trade-off an easy one to make. I don't know what my feet/legs will feel like after 192 miles of asphalt running, but I know it's not going to tickle. I figure I might as well do my best right from the start to absorb as much impact shock as possible.

One special note before I list my week log: Starting at Noon EST on Monday (7/14), my Umstead friend Jamie Donaldson will be running in the Badwater 135. This is a race that starts in Death Valley and ends half-way up Mt. Whitney (the tallest mountain in the US). The forecast for the next two days is for highs of 111 to 115 in the area. This is actually "cool" for that area. Obviously this race is insanely brutal (runners are entered by invitation only), but from the comfort of your chair it's pretty fun to watch unfold over the next two days. Check the live updates and help cheer on Jamie to victory!

Week Log:

Monday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Tuesday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Wednesday - Off Day
Thursday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Friday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop
Saturday - 30 miles - Mt. Vernon Trail
Sunday - 8.5 miles - Hains Point Loop

Total Miles - 72.5 miles

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