Wednesday, July 30, 2008


That's right folks, Danno's blazing a trail right now through farmy North Attleboro, MA. He just passed mile marker 50, which gives him 60 miles done. He's cruising along so fast, his crew is having a hard time keeping up with him.

I spoke with Dan's crewmember/Mom, Joan, just a few minutes ago. She's the one supplying me with the live digital photos that I'm putting up here. She definitely feels that Danno is way ahead of time. He's feeling great and he told her that its probably because of his ipod music. He should publish his track list as an exercise album! Also, it's nice to report that a few more clouds have joined the skyline, giving some relief from the brutal sun.

At the last support stop, Danno was given a unique throne to sit upon while he rests for a beat with Elizabeth:

Many thanks go out to farmer Bob Tisbert for giving up his tractor seat for a few moments to give Danno a chance to catch his breath. I've been assured that Dan is NOT going to drive the tractor the rest of the way. Bob's wife is a current Dana Farber patient right now, so our thoughts go out to her!

It also pleases me to announce that we have indeed broken $4,000 in donations just a few minutes ago. This will certainly give Dan a super-boost to get through the rest of day 1. Lets continue to make Run 192 a huge success!

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Staci said...

Chris- is there a number where I can reach Elizabeth or Joan if I can break away to come run with Dan sometime? I had every intention until my hubby went out of town and now I am screwed trying to find a sitter for my kids. If I can make it happen I need to know a number so I can find them. Thanks!