Wednesday, July 30, 2008

70 In The Can - Voicemail from the Champ

CStan here...

I was out walkin my pooch and I missed a surprise call from Danno. It was about 20 minutes ago as he was just completing 70 miles. My my my. You know, I don't think I've ran 70 miles if you combine all the running I have ever or will ever do in my lifetime. We're talking almost three marathons already! PHEW!

I believe he was running while leaving the message.

"I'm feeling real strong...there's a little bit of pain, but not enough to slow me down. The last few miles were still around nine minutes. I'm very encouraged to hear that we broke $4,000 in donations. It definitely puts a spring in my step! Well, I gotta keep running, tell everyone 'Thank you' and to keep pulling for me."

I tell you, he sure sounded great. Like he was on top of the world.

Well, we know he's got his phone back, so gps tracker is working again. Just remember to keep trying, if its having trouble locating him. It's dependant on cell service. I just checked it out, and it looks like he'll be approaching his hometown of Taunton in a couple of hours. How cool is that? All you Tauntonians and Raynhamites better get out there and cheer on your local hero!

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